The only Sustainability Tool You Need to Reduce Emissions & Save Money
You can't change what you can't measure.

Environmental Social Governance

Unmatched Transparency, Painless Reporting, Reduced costs, Actionable information

Data Ecosystem

Unravelling the source and sink of the energy you consume—providing transparent market and operational information.

On-Demand Reporting

Access energy consumption, pricing, & forecasts in one place. Share Intuitive reports with executive leadership, governance, regulators, & other key stakeholders.
Goodbye spreadsheets

Save money, reduce carbon.

Data tells the story of your  journey toward sustainability. Can you see it?

Carbon Tools

Captures and interprets your Carbon Footprint, grid comparison, and sustainability metrics in real-time.

Market visibility

Meters, markets, contracts, and tariffs come to life in an intuitive interface making you a better consumer and simplifying reporting and management.


Actionable data to support decision-making at each facility. Temperature, humidity, ramps, load forecasts, and other data become readily accessible in one place.

“Reports that used to take us 22 days to build, now take us 22 seconds”

— Ledger Customer