We are on a mission to help companies, cities, & communities achieve their climate goals by operationalizing energy, financial, and GhG emissions data. 

We empower customers to see and act on their data in real-time, to achieve their climate goals and cost savings through innovative solutions like Carbon Tools™ and Energy Tracker™.  Ledger’s growing team has deep expertise in energy policy, Human Centered Design, FinTech, and data science. We are a passionate, semi-distributed team collaborating in an agile process—pairing developers, designers, & product owners to build products that meet our customers’ core needs.

Adam Kramer

Chief Executive Officer
A globally recognized sustainability leader, Adam is the former EVP of Strategy at Switch Switch (NYSE: SWCH), where he led the sustainability group overseeing the company’s transition in 2016 to 100% renewable energy use by developing the largest behind-the-meter solar + storage project in the world.

Josh Weber

Founder, Strategist
Josh Weber, an energy and regulatory attorney, co-founded Ledger8760 with Josh Griffin in 2017. His regulatory and market acumen shape Ledger’s strategy of developing solutions that provide value today, while laying the framework for a new energy and sustainability landscape.

John Rula

Chief Technology Officer
John brings a wealth of experience for analyzing and developing global-scale systems. At Akamai, John architected telemetry processing systems which enabled real-time global load balancing for its nearly half a million deployed edge machines. John holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Northwestern University where he researched mobile network optimization.

Coreen Callister

Director of Design & User Research
Coreen leverages design as a force for positive change. Her experience as a researcher and visual interaction designer spans Stanford Children’s Hospital, IDEO’s San Francisco studio, and as an instructor in the department of Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington.

Samyak  Shah

Director of Product
Samyak bridges the business and sustainability needs of Ledger’s customers through tech solutions. Previously, Samyak helped build products for Xero, Capital One, and VeriFone, and he later launched the Reduce App for consumers to track carbon footprint based on their spending behavior.

Shawn Novak

Chief Revenue Officer
Shawn has been responsible for complex consulting engagements resulting in cost savings & optimization solutions that have reduced energy footprints across the globe. His sales leadership spans 20 years of experience across Data Center Design, Software Solutions, Communications, Infrastructure Architecture, & Infrastructure Consulting.